NOIA in November: Microsoft FastTrack, Pre-Launch Data, Nash Exchange and more

We once again welcome you to our monthly update. We have already hit some exciting milestones in December, with more on the way, but we wanted to provide a quick summary of November’s progress, which also included several important events.

Here is what happened last month:

  • We joined Microsoft’s FastTrack Program to accelerate the development and deployment of NOIA Network.
  • We analyzed and shared our network’s pre-launch data, proving that there are many optimizations that NOIA can facilitate through public nodes.
  • We joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to help bring blockchain solutions to millions of new users.
  • We listed the NOIA token on Nash exchange and initiated a liquidity mining program.
  • Ahead of the launch, we continued improving the NOIA Platform.
  • We made substantial advancements in DARP development.
  • We released two roadmap updates, tracking the progress of our six-month roadmap sprint.

Microsoft FastTrack

We began our relationship with Microsoft last summer when we joined their startup’s program. From then onward, we have worked together to accelerate the development and deployment of our network. Last month we took our partnership up a notch, with NOIA being selected for Microsoft’s FastTrack program.

NOIA’s addition to the FastTrack program will further facilitate development and deployment, as well as mainstream adoption of NOIA Network, thanks to the guidance from Azure engineers. With the launch of the NOIA Platform nearing, the timing couldn’t have been better.

This is an important stepping stone. We are now even closer to connecting the world’s Internet resources into a unified system with better performance and improved security.

The Internet always grew sporadically, effectively becoming a network of networks. What NOIA is doing is bringing all these disparate networks together, automatically giving equal access to speed, performance and security to all. Everyone should have access to the user-focused Internet, and by working with Microsoft, we can streamline bringing our solution to more people.

Pre-launch Testing Data

In October, we pre-launched NOIA Network and immediately started carrying out internal tests and aggregating data. The results exceeded our expectations, with pre-launch data proving that there are many optimizations that NOIA can facilitate through public nodes.

We tested around 200,000 pathways on the public Internet and compared the performance against our network. We managed to validate the technology by showing that more than half of web traffic can be improved using NOIA.

Most of you have already read our latest roadmap update, so we’ll skip in-depth analysis of our results in this update. Those who haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, we highly advise you to check them out here.

To sum up our findings, most of the data shows ping improvements between 20ms and 200ms, but we’ve seen gains up to 700ms. What was particularly interesting are improvements in some high-demand routes, even short-haul, and paths between cloud providers such as AWS. We witnessed highly consistent gains in these routes, representing significant savings and better performance to a multitude of businesses globally, and all future users of the network.

It’s important to note that we achieved all of these results using our pre-launch network solely. It will evolve and improve over time, exposing many more alternative routes and improvements. Once public relay nodes join the system, we will have an even more extensive and dispersed global network, running on top of the public Internet. Exciting!

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Enterprise adoption is the next mass use-case for all crypto. To harness this demand, one has to understand how these businesses operate and use that knowledge to build solutions tailored to them.

We have already accumulated a lot of experience working with enterprises, but now we will be able to streamline this process even further.

In November, we joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to work together in bringing blockchain solutions to millions of new users. We believe that we can achieve great synergies by sharing knowledge and experience between us, and we look forward to our participation in this alliance.

Nash Exchange

As we approach full network launch, it’s crucial to ensure that the NOIA token is accessible to as many potential users as possible. To support this cause, last month we launched NOIA/BTC and NOIA/USDC pairs on Nash exchange.

Nash is a non-custodial exchange. It lets users invest in digital currencies, store them securely, trade on high-performance markets, and make payments without giving up custody of their assets. That means it is a more secure and convenient alternative to purchase and trade NOIA tokens.

Their team wanted to focus on high-quality projects with advanced tech and strong fundamentals, and we appreciated their approach to running a modern exchange. We got along well from the start and had things running in a short time.

To support this listing further, we introduced a liquidity mining program for the first five weeks of trading to incentivize participation. In total, $40,000 worth of NOIA tokens were made available. The program is now coming to an end, but we’ve witnessed strong participation throughout, so thanks for that!

Creating a healthy ecosystem for the NOIA token is high on our priority list, so we will continue working on more listings moving forward. Stay tuned!

NOIA Platform

In November we were busy improving the NOIA Platform — the first application on the NOIA ecosystem. That means that once the network launches, we will be ready with a first use-case that can aggregate its initial demand. From there, anyone in the world can build applications targeting thousands of additional use cases and making the Programmable Internet a reality.

In this context, the NOIA Platform will be the easiest way of connecting and automating applications on top of the programmable Internet. Whether it’s communication between servers, applications or devices, it will orchestrate those conversations in a faster and more secure way than ever before. But that is only the first use case.

As we move forward, we think that we ourselves will be surprised by what people build on top of NOIA. The options are endless.

The exciting part of an open ecosystem is that as long as there is software running on servers or devices connected, pretty much every company or person in the world can benefit from NOIA.


In parallel to the NOIA Platform, we have been actively developing our Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP). Last month was particularly fruitful in terms of its development.

We continued DARP testing with some of our trusted ambassadors and even managed to simulate real-time earnings for node runners. That is excellent news as we approach the full network launch, where we will open the network for public participation.

During testing, ambassadors have been running their own DARP pulseGroups, and Bill connected his DARP docker to it. This configuration resulted in a mesh network, consisting entirely of user edge devices. That proved that the network is able to sustain itself even with no NOIA seed infrastructure in the middle.

In addition, we found more routes, more optimizations, and made a lot of minor tweaks and fixes to the protocol. Our co-founder Bill is sharing most of DARP progress on his Twitter, so make sure to give him a follow!

Roadmap Updates

With the start of our six-month roadmap sprint, we introduced a new format of bi-weekly updates allowing you to track our roadmap deliverables better.

In November, we released two of them. In these updates, we cover our developers’ progress but also overview all other roadmap related achievements. Make sure to check them out!

Thank you for supporting us throughout our journey. See you in the next update!




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