NOIA in May: Oracle for Startups Partnership & Co-Founder Updates

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, global networks and their struggle to cope with a surge in traffic has been a hot topic. While the world battled these problems, NOIA Network continued to work on a solution.

Achieving a better Internet requires collaboration and persistent day-to-day work. In May, we reaped the fruits of these efforts.

Here is what we accomplished:

  • We partnered with Oracle for Startups to bring our technology to major enterprise businesses around the world.
  • Our CTO Jonas agreed to join Oracle executives for a public roundtable discussion about the value of NOIA’s technology.
  • We released a mid-year video update, where our co-founders covered the recent progress and upcoming opportunities for the NOIA Network.
  • Thanks to Bill’s profound dedication to making the Internet more efficient, the first version of DARP is now live.
  • The code that Chief Network Engineer Virginijus wrote and Cisco employees included in the SR codebase was downloaded for the 2000th time.
  • To bring NOIA’s technology to the real-world, our developers have continued churning out code on all fronts.
  • The NOIA token has gained increased exposure and awareness, performing strongly all month.

NOIA Network partners with Oracle for Startups

For years we have kept ourselves busy developing the world’s most advanced network technology stack, but bringing it to global enterprises comes with its challenges.

Luckily, we have new partners like Oracle by our side to assist us in this process.

Our teams have collaborated on how NOIA’s technology can solve the needs of large organizations, vetting the features and market fit. We have also worked closely with Oracle to develop the NOIA Platform.

Last month we officially joined the Oracle for Startups program, through which we will be working directly with the technology giant on product development, marketing, events, PR, and VC introductions. Most importantly, their team will be facilitating enterprise customer engagements, bringing our technology directly to their customer base.

“NOIA was one of the fastest companies to qualify for our Market Connect initiative, a benefit of our global startup program. We look forward to continuing our great work together to drive innovation and provide customer solutions.” — Lars Vestergaard, Head of Market Connect at Oracle

We have already begun integrating our systems, eventually adding NOIA’s gateway to the Oracle Marketplace, where our technology will be accessible to every Oracle Cloud client worldwide.

We look forward to expanding this partnership to solve the world’s enterprise networking needs.

NOIA Network joins a roundtable discussion with Oracle

Just after the partnership with Oracle for Startups went public, we announced that we are kickstarting our co-marketing efforts by entering a webinar hosted by Katalista Ventures.

On the 3rd of June, our CTO Jonas will be joining the roundtable with Oracle’s executives to discuss fin-tech use cases for our technology and the value that Oracle has brought to NOIA.

Those that are keen to learn about new use-cases for NOIA’s technology, click here to register. If you are still not convinced, watch Jonas’ personal invitation below.

Mid-year video update from NOIA’s co-founders

In step with NOIA Network gaining traction among developers and enterprises worldwide, our executive team has made an effort to update the community on our latest business and technology developments, as well as our plans for the future.

This time, the update came in video format, where each co-founder talked about the business, technology, token utility, and DARP aspects of the project.

Our CEO Domas explains the rationale behind NOIA Network and how our products fit into today’s market.
Our CTO Jonas covers our most significant technological feats to date, with a detailed walk-through of our SDN and the NOIA Platform.
Our COO Domantas sheds light on our plans for the token, defining its place and purpose within our entire tech ecosystem.
Our Chief Tech Liaison Bill showcases his Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP), highlighting its value to NOIA’s SRv6 backbone, and its potential to become the standard mechanism for connecting to the public Internet.

The latest update is packed with the newest information regarding NOIA Network, so if you missed any of the videos, we strongly encourage you to watch them.

DARP is now functional

In May, we reached yet another significant milestone. We learned from our co-founder Bill, who is dedicating most of his time to working on DARP, that the protocol is now functional on a fundamental level.

DARP is integral to our long-term vision of NOIA Network and the Internet as a whole. Therefore, seeing it in action is a great step forward for us.

According to Bill, the network pulses go back and forth cleanly, and measurements are being made and externalized. He can turn up the global DARP network in under one minute, with a DevOps cycle of under two minutes. In that amount of time, the code is pushed and running, enabling Bill to continue development.

Now, Bill will work on stabilizing and improving the code regularly, ultimately integrating the protocol into our network technology stack and enabling NOIA Platform users to access the most efficient paths on the Internet.

If DARP is something that is still hard to wrap your head around, we recommend watching Bill’s presentation in the mid-year update, where he explains it thoroughly.

NOIA’s code in SR codebase

Last summer, our Chief Network Engineer Virginijus developed a tool named srv6_traceroute, which extends the ability to monitor the reachability in between endpoints and helps analyze SRv6 packets on the wild Internet.

Cisco employees working with Segment Routing (SR) found it useful and included it into the SR code repository for further development and adoption.

To this day, Virginijus continues updating the tool and has already released three versions, with the fourth coming soon.

Last month his tool was downloaded for the 2000th time!

We celebrate together with Virginijus and continue pushing for mass SR deployment and adoption by contributing to its development.

Development updates

In May, our developers were as productive as ever.

The product development team spent most of their time bringing the NOIA Platform to life. They kept themselves busy identifying core features, going through user-flows, formulating specifications, preparing documentation, and making initial UI/UX designs of the Platform.

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the team, we managed to bring the idea to life in record time and shared the first screenshots with the community.

Now, our developers are swiftly putting bits and pieces together to begin the first early access POCs soon.

You can track their progress on development updates 04.23–05.07 and 05.07–05.21

NOIA token gains exposure

In light of our most recent achievements, the NOIA token has been going stronger than ever.

Thanks to the efforts of the team and the community, we are establishing ourselves among the projects-to-watch in the blockchain scene.

For us, the increased demand for the token is a strong indicator that we are taking the right steps, and we will continue on this path moving forward.

Thank you for supporting us on our journey to solving the Internet’s underlying problems. See you next update!