NOIA in June: Token Model, PoCs with Tech Leaders, Ramprate Q&A

The first summer month has brought warm weather and several exciting developments from NOIA Network. Throughout June, we have sustained our momentum and made good progress on all fronts.

Here is what we achieved:

  • We announced the updated NOIA token model.
  • We held a Q&A session with Ramprate’s CEO Tony Greenberg and CSO Alex Veytsel.
  • Our CTO Jonas participated in a roundtable discussion with Oracle executives where he discussed NOIA use cases in the fintech sector.
  • Our co-founder William B. Norton released an article explaining the progress, functionality, and use cases of DARP.
  • Our co-founders hosted an AMA session, where they shared some exciting updates and answered community questions.
  • NOIA token can now be traded on Uniswap.
  • We grew our global server infrastructure by adding new Oracle and Leaseweb servers.
  • NOIA App was listed on the Azure Marketplace.
  • Our developers have been developing and testing the NOIA Platform with our PoC partners.

Updated Token Model

For some time, we have been putting our focus on technology and adoption. Now that the NOIA Platform is being piloted by some of the largest tech companies in the world, the time has come to explain how enterprise adoption will benefit the token.

For that reason, we shared initial details on how the token will be implemented into the NOIA Network ecosystem.

NOIA Platform will bring the first real-world use-case for the NOIA token. When users join, payments will directly generate demand for the token through integrated payment gateways. The article covers how this process will take place.

For our followers, it should come as no surprise that NOIA Token is integral to how the network functions. Long-term, we expect the network to become a self-sustainable and autonomous organism, but that will happen gradually, and we will keep you updated every step of the way.

We understand that this is an important topic for our community, and we want to keep this discussion going. Therefore, if you have any further questions regarding our token model, do not hesitate to post them in our Telegram group.

Ramprate Q&A

In these last few months, we have been working with Ramprate’s CEO Tony Greenberg and CSO Alex Veytsel more closely than ever.

They have been a massive help at guiding our B2B efforts. Besides, we share the same love for technology that is innovative and truly makes a difference. So we held a brief Q&A session to discuss why they chose to work with NOIA Network, what the future holds for the partnership, and what impact our technology has on business and tech worlds.

Throughout the call, our friends at Ramprate provided valuable insights about NOIA Network, the industry, and the Internet as a whole. We genuinely believe that the video is packed with interesting information, so we invite you to skip your podcast for a day and check out what is on the minds of Tony and Alex. After 20 years in Silicon Valley, they have some things to say.

Oracle for Startups Webinar

Following our partnership with Oracle for Startups, we kickstarted our co-marketing efforts with our CTO Jonas joining a roundtable discussion with Oracle executives.

In a webinar, he presented the NOIA Platform and discussed fintech use cases for NOIA technology. We are happy that the Platform attracted a great deal of positive feedback from Oracle representatives, once again validating our market fit assumptions.

If you were not able to participate, don’t worry. The webinar was recorded, and we invite you to watch it.

DARP Article

Routing protocols might not seem like the most exciting thing for many of us, but without them, the Internet and life as we know it would not exist. Our proprietary Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP), however, might just be the thing that sparks your interest in Internet technologies.

DARP is being developed by our co-founder William B. Norton, and it is a key piece of NOIA’s technology puzzle. Last month Bill released his article about DARP on LinkedIn where he thoroughly explained its progress, functionality, and use cases.

The article is entirely appropriate for a technical person, as well as the mere mortal. It is packed with useful information about the current Internet’s problems and how we can solve them, so hop on LinkedIn and check it out.

Co-founder AMA

Following the mid-year update, we decided that it is a perfect time for our co-founders to address the community’s questions directly.

Our CEO Domas Povilauskas, CTO Jonas Simanavicius, COO Domantas Jaskunas, and Chief Tech Liaison Bill Norton hosted an AMA session on our Telegram channel, where the community had a chance to chat with them for more than an hour.

For your convenience, we compiled all of the questions and answers into a single Medium post. If you have always had something to ask our co-founders, but didn’t take the plunge, there is a good chance that the answer you are looking for is in that post. Check it out on Medium!


To improve the token’s liquidity and its overall health, we have always recognized the need for more listings. The time has now come to work on this front.

To start, we added a decentralized exchange and provided some liquidity on Uniswap. Now you can trade your NOIA tokens there!

You can find the NOIA token on Uniswap by our contract address: 0xfc858154c0b2c4a3323046fb505811f110ebda57

We are continuing to work on our listing strategy and plan to list on other decentralized and centralized exchanges in the near future.

Infrastructure Growth

Last month we continued expanding our server infrastructure and had two significant additions.

The first addition comes from Leaseweb. We’ve added five of their high-performance servers to expand NOIA Network’s U.S. backbone. Locations include New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and Washington.

In the light of our partnership with Oracle for Startups, we added twelve of their new servers to the NOIA Network. Locations include the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the UK, and South Korea.

We are happy to have global partners assisting us in expanding our network’s capabilities because it enables us to scale our technology and better prepare for enterprise sales.

NOIA App in Azure Marketplace

In May, we announced that Microsoft for Startups extended our participation in the program, designed to accelerate growth by utilizing Microsoft’s resources. In June, started our cooperation efforts by listing the NOIA App on the Azure Marketplace.

We are currently focusing on bringing the NOIA Platform to market, but this milestone means that Microsoft for Startups will take a hands-on role with sales, marketing, and technical support upon the launch of the App.

Development Updates

NOIA developers remain a hardworking bunch. With NOIA Platform planning and design phases completed, they have been swiftly pushing out code.

Our developers, however, are not alone on this endeavour. Several of our PoC partners are already testing the NOIA Platform, vetting its features and performance. Having this real-world feedback enables tailoring the Platform to the exact needs of today’s enterprises, helping to achieve close to perfect product-market fit. Also, it gives our developers invaluable technical input from world-class engineers that work in these tech companies.

As usual, we released two development updates last month. Show some love for our developers and give them a few claps on Medium!

Development Update 05.21–06.04

Development Update 06.04–06.18

Phew, we achieved a lot throughout June. Maybe we should take longer vacations, but we are too eager to release NOIA Platform. Thanks for reading and see you in the next update!




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