Development Update 10.10–10.24

While you guys are keenly waiting for the release of the NOIA App, our developers are spending an extended amount of time in the office and patiently working towards our common goal — the better Internet. Yet again, they present you a summary of their progress, which, this time, is definitely not a short one.

NOIA Network Software Updates:


  • Added Database scaling functionality;
  • DataFrame indexing changed from the tuple to string;
  • Added lock feature on Pandas DataFrame structure;
  • Tested performance with the async framework. Consequently, BI response time is improved five times;
  • Implementing an async HTTP server for BI microservice with Sanic.


  • Finished Controller API for App’s user account integration;
  • Working on Controller flow for App connection with NOIA SDN;
  • Improved Controller UI with Packages filtering;
  • Connecting Controler UI with new Controller server API methods.


  • Implemented Agent’s ability to set Routes IPs and remove Peer;
  • Working on Agent’s ability to configure NAT;
  • Documenting Agent’s refactoring plan to add the more extended ability for Agent to work with VPP API.


  • Implemented NOIA App UI for desktop cross-platforms;
  • Implemented User account zone (login, register, social login, email verification, password change);
  • Implemented Multilanguage (Languages, Translations, Links);
  • Made the first build on the MAC platform;
  • Working on the App flow for the App connection with NOIA SDN;
  • Implementing the NOIA App API (Backend);
  • Implemented full communication with Controller REST API and Websockets;
  • Working on App flow for App connection with NOIA SDN;

NOIA Orchestrator:

  • Started the initial framework for Orchestrator. It will perform auto deployments of new servers from different providers for NOIA SDN;


  • Started MAIN NET (production environment) preparations for NOIA Network Software and Network Backbone;

Segment Routing (VPP):

  • Created the “hop limit” feature in VPP and Pull request was Merged: (;
  • Fixed typos in short_help (;
  • Fixed possible use of an uninitialized variable (;
  • Created a feature to allow to delete tunnel by sw_if_index ( (;
  • Working on VPP API documentation for Agent to have a better API connection between Agent and VPP.

NOIA Cache:

  • Improved NOIA Cache SDK;
  • Improving TESTNET visibility of IPv6 Nodes.

That is all for this time. If you have been following our development updates, we believe that you will also be interested in getting your hands on the early version of the NOIA App. For that reason, we invite you to register on the waiting list and be among the first real users who will experience the next-gen uncompromised Internet connection. See you in a couple of weeks in the next development update.




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