Development Update 08.29–09.12

As we find new means of working more efficiently, our tech development efforts continue at an increasing rate. Day by day we are getting one step closer to our vision of Programmable Internet and we are keen to present you the latest development updates below.

NOIA Network Software updates:


- Implemented main bandwidth capacity logic.

- Labeling separate nodes and edges as used or down.

- Planning stress tests with a big amount of data.


- Implemented GET logic when Agent should be able to get configurations from servers for testing purposes.

- Refactoring authentication mechanism with Controller.

- Implementing the ability to configure VPN servers.


- Code cleanup & refactoring, hotfixes, and ElasticSearch log readability improvements.

- Preparing implementation for VPN servers configuration.

- Improved security and authentication.

- Improved logging and error handling.

NOIA Cache:

- Prepared release for Pinger in NOIA Cache Nodes and testing. Pinger will allow us to see reachability in between NOIA Cache Nodes.

- Developing One-Way Latency model implementation for NOIA Cache Nodes.

- Updating documentation for NOIA Cache.

This sums up our development update for now. Stay tuned for the next update in two weeks!