Development Update 08.27–09.10

Development at NOIA Network is accelerating.

Our team had multiple calls over the last two weeks with the engineering teams of several current and potential partners. One thing that they made clear was that the monitoring and analytics capabilities of the NOIA Platform is one of the biggest value-adds for future users.

To further improve these aspects, our team has been refining UI elements and improving the overall UX. They added additional interfaces, updated existing layouts, and paid a large portion of their attention to analytic graphics.

By performing usability testing together with our PoC partners, we can do necessary experiments and polish the Platform before the product launches. We feel confident as we approach the launch of the NOIA Platform.

We are also moving forward with the backend developments. We recently began scaling DARP, the blockchain-powered engine that routes traffic on the NOIA Network. A few of our trusted NOIA ambassadors joined our Alpha testing program and managed to spin up their own nodes. DARP deployment is accelerating quickly, and we will soon share tangible proof that a blockchain-powered internet will be a near-term reality.

To accelerate development further, we are hiring 20+ developers. We will be mostly looking for Python, NodeJS developers, IT support personnel, network engineers, and frontend developers. More positions will be made available, together with a separate blockchain team, so make sure to check out our careers page. Perhaps you fit the profile, and if so, let’s talk!

Now let’s check out what exactly our developers accomplished in the last two weeks.

NOIA Network Software Updates:


  • Created several new reusable UI components for tables and other windows;
  • Added a window for endpoint logs;
  • Added a window for editing endpoints;
  • Partly finished designing an endpoints filtering drawer;
  • Implemented log filtering from a UI perspective;
  • Made miscellaneous UI changes in a table component.

Graphs and Statistics:

  • Worked on graphs for network statistics;
  • In a graph, positioned nodes around a circle, also displaying forces;
  • In a graph, connected nodes with links;
  • Implemented the ‘Drag’ option;
  • Implemented the ‘Zoom’ option;
  • Made bug fixes to graph nodes.


  • Collected statistics from the Agent;
  • Made bug Fixes.


  • Configured NetBox for server management.

NOIA Ansible:

  • Implemented dynamic NetBox inventory plugin;
  • Created automatic non-overlapping subnets for servers.

Networking Stack:

  • Made eBPF NAT improvements: implemented configuration from userspace through eBPF map and map pinning to the filesystem.


  • Worked on communication logic between pulse groups and global view.


  • Refactored Agent’s providers to support images (S3);
  • Migrated some agents’ data to Elasticsearch;
  • Improved control of user’s API key expiration;
  • Made bug fixes.

That is all for this update. We are very much looking forward to the upcoming months, and we are happy to be sharing this journey with all of you. Keep track of our progress by following us on Medium, Twitter, Reddit or Facebook. If you have questions, we are always on Telegram.




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