Development Update 02.13–02.27

The excitement is real, in the office and among the community. The very first public testing of the NOIA App is just around the corner, but in-house, we are already neck-deep in the process. Just recently, our CTO Jonas gave you a glimpse of NOIA’s SDN performance. In our Telegram group, he shared the results of how much it can improve the connection for people in Brazil when connecting to the AWS Cloud.

The screenshots, revealing the speed and latency difference between routing data through the public Internet and our SDN, are a testament to the superiority of NOIA’s tech.

In this case, we managed to increase throughput up to six times, and reduce latency as well. And that is just one instance, among many, where we see substantial improvement.

Results are assuring, but there’s still work to do. We aim to make this technology accessible to every person and device connected to the Internet, and our developers are making every effort to achieve this in a timely manner. See what they did during the past two weeks.

NOIA Network Software Updates:



Controller’s UI/UX:

Controller’s Server:

NOIA Agent:

NOIA Orchestrator:



Working on the NOIA App’s connection with the NOIA SDN (Mac):

Working on the NOIA App’s connection with the NOIA SDN (Windows):

Working on the NOIA App’s connection with the NOIA SDN (Linux):

As rewarding as these weeks have been, our developers do not take breaks and continue whipping out code at a rapid pace. Just don’t tell them, but they might need an extra set of hands or two. The good thing is that we are hiring, so if you think that you got what it takes to make the Internet better, check out our careers page and feel free to apply for whichever position you see yourself in. That is all for this update. See you in a couple of weeks!